About Us

Wuhu Diving Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. of Shanghai Salvage Bureau, founded in 1971, is subordinate to Shanghai Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of transport. It is the only high-tech enterprise in China that develops, manufactures and markets all kinds of diving equipment, all kinds of manned cabins and marine special equipment. It is the rescue equipment R & D center of the rescue and salvage industry of the Ministry of transport. It undertakes the important task of scientific research and equipment R & D of large-depth saturated diving system. The company is located in Wuhu, Anhui, which is beautiful, livable and suitable for business. It is located in China (Anhui) 58 Yongchang Road, Wuhu District, free trade zone.

In December 2009, with the approval of the Ministry of transport, the "Wuhu salvage equipment R & D center of the rescue and Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of transport" was established to implement one door and two cards with Wuhu Diving Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. of Shanghai Salvage Bureau. The responsibilities and tasks assigned by the Ministry of transport to the "R & D center" are "to carry out technical research and development, experimental test and product finalization of marine emergency rescue, rescue and salvage, disaster prevention and life-saving equipment and equipment", "Undertake the task of technical innovation and progress of rescue and salvage system equipment, continuously improve R & D and manufacturing capacity, and provide technical support and strong guarantee for better completing public welfare rescue and salvage tasks".

The company has the national pressure vessel design and manufacturing license, the national medical air pressurized oxygen chamber manufacturing license and registration certificate, the factory recognition certificate of classification societies such as China CCS, France BV, Norway DNV and Britain LR, and is the governing unit of China diving and salvage industry Association and the international maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) Member unit, member unit of International Association of Diving Contractors (ADCI).

Our strategy:

Guided by the construction of a transportation power, based on the rescue and salvage industry, and focusing on the manufacturing of diving equipment, manned cabin and marine special equipment, take the initiative to cut into the internal cycle of domestic economic development. Implement the "going global" development strategy, take product export and technical exchange as the main forms of participation, integrate into the international economic cycle, and realize the "two wheel start" , implement the new concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, learn from advanced management experience, solidify the research and manufacturing achievements of saturation diving, expand the derivative and extended product market of saturation diving equipment manufacturing, and maintain the leading technology of domestic saturation diving manufacturing.

Our development philosophy:

Be refined, strong and long

Our cultural philosophy:

Keep improving and persevere

Our products:

The products developed and finalized by the company include 100m saturation diving simulation system, 200m, 300m and 500m saturation diving system, 200m motorized saturation diving system and WJC deck minus (plus) Ballast, SWZ type open diving bell, WDL type series diving cage, wyc type medical air pressurized oxygen chamber, TF type heavy diving equipment, jq83 type shallow diving equipment, as well as tunnel shield machine man lock cabin, material cabin, marine bulk material conveying system, marine and land pressure vessels, etc.

Over the years, it has provided professional and reliable advanced equipment for China's marine rescue, sunken ship salvage,  submarine rescue, offshore oil,  underwater exploration, reservoir power station, bridge, culvert and tunnel projects.